Hispanic Workers in the United States Labor Market: Employment Issues, Problems, and Programs, 1960-1980. A Bibliography




Poyo, Gerald E.
De La Vina, Lynda
Olivo, Edna A.

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Ray Marshall Center for the Study of Human Resources


The bibliography is the first product of an effort to create a useful information tool for specialists in employment and training. In its present preliminary form the bibliography lists significant works of the past 10 years, classifies them under appropriate headings, and, through the use of key-word symbols, cross references them. While such listing is in itself a useful tool to a researcher, we would like to concentrate our future efforts on the more pressing issues confronting the Hispanic-American worker. Within this narrower scope, we will examine in depth the available literature and note for the interested reader its theoretical contribution, its significance for policy and program implementation and its value as a source of reliable data. In defining the limits of our future work, we need your help. It is our intention to produce a carefully annotated list of bibliographic references with information useful to the practitioner as well as to the academician.


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