Indoor air quality in retail stores

Rhodes, Joshua Daniel
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Retail stores are understudied given the energy, occupant health, and potential sales impacts associated with poor indoor air quality (IAQ). There is also evidence of elevated pollutants in retail environments. This thesis is an exploration of the indoor air quality of retail stores. The first section of this thesis is a literature review on field investigations of the indoor air quality in retail buildings. Sixteen investigations report different measurements in 17 specific types of retail environments. Measurements vary depending on the specific investigation, but include VOCs, SVOCs, particles, microbiological species, and radon. When reported, indoor to outdoor ratios of almost all pollutants are greater than unity, suggesting the importance of indoor sources in retail environments. The second section of this thesis is an analysis of the whole store net emission factor for different retail environments. From the types of pollutants found in the retail store investigations, VOCs were the only pollutant group studied frequently enough to merit this analysis. The final section is an analysis of the potential for pollutant remediation strategies. Two methods, increasing air change rate and air cleaning, are considered with an analysis of the energy penalties associated with each.