Three-Dimensional Numerical Simulation of Arc and Metal Transport for Stacking Deposition in Arc Welding Based Additive Manufacturing

Zhou, Xiangman
Zhang, Haiou
Wang, Guilan
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University of Texas at Austin

The stacking deposition in arc welding based additive manufacturing (AWAM) results in complex surfaces of deposited layer. Therefore the electromagnetic force in molten pool, arc pressure, plasma shear stress and heat flux on molten pool surface are not the same as the conventional welding. A three-dimensional weak coupling modeling method has been developed to simulate the arc, molten pool dynamic and droplet impingement of stacking deposition. In the arc model, the molten pool is simplified to be solid state on the basis of experimentally observed result. The arc is simulated firstly, and then the electromagnetic force, arc pressure, plasma shear stress and heat flux are extracted and transmitted to metal transport model. The molten pool morphology of simulated result accords well with experimental result, which indicates that this weak coupling modeling method is capable of simulating the complex heat and mass transfer behaviors in AWAM.