The comparison of housing patterns, traditional Chinese with modern American




Wang, Sheng-Ming, M. of Architecture

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This thesis is an analysis concerning the synthesis of Traditional Chinese Architecture and Modern Architecture, which is represented by Modern American Architecture. The thesis intends to present a basic understanding of the difference and similarity between them for further combination. The outer spaces of a house in which patterns characterize the house as well as the comparison of patterns between the Traditional Chinese and the Modern American, have been my primary interest. Very little work has been done from the point of view adopted here and this study must be exploratory. No thesis on such a vast subject can be final - and this one does not, in fact, represent a generally accepted or shared body of thought. Rather it is my personal interpretation of the evidence concerning the spaces in which patterns dominate and create its quality. I am neither attempting to treat all the spaces within a house nor to offer world-wide comparison, but to mainly concentrate on the outer spaces in traditional Chinese and modern American houses. The thesis tries to propose a creative idea for designing a modern Chinese house which preserves the traditional Chinese housing attributes and also reflects the essences of modern housing. It attempts to stimulate the reader's imagination in the unlimited creative field of design theory