Digital Data Processing Strategies for Large Area Maskless Photopolymerization

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Rudraraju, Anirudh
Das, Suman

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University of Texas at Austin


Large Area Maskless Photopolymerization (LAMP) utilizes scanning spatial light modulators that require layer slice data in the form of high‐resolution bitmaps. Three different strategies have been implemented to fill this need. First, bitmaps were generated by direct slicing of CAD models using Spatial Technology’s ACIS kernel. Second, bitmaps were generated from STL files through ray‐tracing. Finally, an approach involving reconstruction of topological information from STL files for efficient slicing and image generation is being developed. This paper gives a brief description and implementation details of each of these strategies as well as data compression techniques being pursued by the authors. This work is sponsored by DARPA grant HR0011‐08‐1‐0075.


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