Multichannel digital voltmeter using the LM3S8962 evaluation board




Muckelroy, Callie Edward

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This project is a proof of concept and prototype in both hardware and software, which demonstrates a useful and flexible 4-channel voltmeter using an LM3S8962 Evaluation Board, and commodity electronic components to serve as a shield circuit. The shield circuit protects the evaluation board from over/under voltage damage, and biases the incoming voltages to provide usable input voltages for the LM3S8962 ADC inputs. The report begins with an explanation of the goals of the project, and research of what current products exist on the commercial market to meet the needs of multichannel voltage measurement. In the interest of cost savings, and in the interest of an academic exploration of the capabilities of the inexpensive evaluation boards on the market, the author explores how the ADC inputs of the LM3S8962 can serve some of the same needs of much more expensive commercial products in voltage measurement. Several obstacles were encountered in the design and construction stages. A description of the obstacles, and how they were overcome is described. The end design of both the shield circuit and software is then detailed end-to-end, along with an explanation of how to use the end product. Finally, the accuracy of the project is assessed and demonstrated.


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