Memristor logic design using driver circuitry

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Earl E. Swartzlander, Jr.
Lauren Guckert

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United States Patent and Trademark Office


A new lower-power gate design for memristor-based Boolean operations. Such a design offers a uniform cell that is configurable to perform all Boolean operations, including the XOR operation. For example, a circuit to perform the AND operation utilizes a first memristor and a second memristor connected in series. The circuit further includes a switch, where a node of the second memristor is connected to the switch. Furthermore, the circuit includes a third memristor connected to the switch in series, where the switch and the third memristor are connected in parallel to the first and second memristors. Additionally, the first voltage source is connected to the first memristor via a first resistor. In addition, a second voltage source is connected in series to the switch and the third memristor. In such a design, the delay is reduced to a single step and the area is reduced to at most 3 memristors.



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