High Tech Educators Network Evaluation




O'Shea, Daniel P.

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Ray Marshall Center for the Study of Human Resources


A process evaluation was conducted to assess the High Tech Educators Network's (HTEN's) activities. Four basic components to the evaluation approach were documentation review, program logic model, written survey, and participant interviews. The model mapped the basic goals and objectives, assumptions, activities, outcome expectations, and collaborating entities. The first step in the evaluation was development of a clear understanding of these design features of HTEN: goals and objectives,activities and services, partnerships/collaborative configurations, teacher participation, and resources and resource allocation patterns. Survey results indicated the summer educator internships (SEIs) helped tie the world of work to the classroom experience. Educators responded positively to questions regarding the influence of the work-based experience upon their teaching environment. However, their experience with internship procedures was not as favorable. Followup interviews indicated that HTEN helped increase contacts between educators/industry and provided information and contextual experiences that may influence school-based learning processes. Continuing challenges were teacher recruitment, industry support, and sustainability.(Appendixes include a chart showing educator participation pattern in HTEN-sponsored activities and instruments.)



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