The theoretical development and generalization of some alternating current test methods



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The problem of devising some means for checking the correctness of three-phase primary watt-hour-meter installations has been considered by the author for several years. Theoretically there is no difficulty in getting such an installation correctly placed; practically there are many difficulties. [...] Several methods for determining whether an installation is correct or not have been devised, all of which are restricted in one way or another by the load characteristics. In an attempt to remove these restrictions, in conjunction with an attempt to deduce a method for determining the phase sequence of any system of three-phase three-wire currents or voltages, the results given in this paper were deduced. A rather general method of determining the correctness of the connections for a meter installation of the type shown in Fig. 1 has been worked out, as well as a general scheme for phase sequence determination. The problem of determining the phase sequence of a balanced three-phase three-wire system using only a watt meter and capacitor has been considered by Dr. Kapp. His method, however, is restricted to balanced voltages only. In this paper a method is given in generalised form which, from an Engineering viewpoint, may be said to have no restrictions imposed upon it. The test apparatus required for determining either the phase sequence or the correctness of the meter installations is very simple. It will be considered in detail in a later chapter of this paper