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Burfict, Christoph Bernard

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This report addresses the chronological process of, and descent into, my most ambitious creative endeavor to date; the 20-minute action-adventure sci-fi narrative short film, Duplicity. In 2017, I had completed my pre-thesis, Protocol, and had little understanding of what it was that I wanted to do. I’d spent so much of the previous year laboring over the drama and politics that consumed the social scape that I found myself emotionally taxed, creatively docile, and actively escaping into the narratives that colored my childhood. From this, I realized the joy storytelling had always brought me and recaptured my interest in the ever expansive medium of film. I embarked on what would become a grueling, yet joyous two-year process of developing one of my most colorful works. While the process proved challenging, I was forced to confront the anxieties and doubts I’d subconsciously developed over the years. In bringing the project to a close, it was this journey of which I’ve affectionately described as “healthy pressure”, that reminded of exactly why it was I elected to pursue a graduate program in the first place


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