Crashing into walls with my face : a director's process




Shoemaker, Jessica Marie

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Near the end of my first year of graduate school, I stood up too quickly and promptly fell face-first into a wall. This thesis will explore how that experience serves as an elegant metaphor for my creative process: including the hazards, merits, and occasional grace of such an approach.

The area of inquiry in which I am most interested is my methodology for capitalizing on the collisions of creative process without exacting undue harm to myself and others. By what metrics am I to judge the success or failure of my landing? Are there more effective ways to run headlong into obstacles? What kind and amount of preparation is useful for such an endeavor and what have I learned about myself in the crashing process? Through this thesis, I hope to further my understanding of how I develop and hone this skill of flying at, meeting, and befriending obstacles.


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