A new republic of the NGOs? evaluating the post-blast NGO-led recovery of Beirut

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Makarem, Rand

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This study seeks to explore the post-disaster recovery planning practices in Beirut, Lebanon following the August 4th, 2020, Port explosion. The study investigates the NGO-led post-blast recovery and reconstruction process of Beirut while considering various factors and limitations. The study highlights how the reconstruction process is an unequal one. It showcases how it is governed by an uneven development scheme that is resultant of the failure of the state to lead a proper post-disaster recovery and the reliance on NGOs to lead the revival scheme. It also emphasizes the informal and unsatisfactory rebuilding strategies across different affected areas and underlines poor efforts of the NGOs in including affected communities in decision making processes. Additionally, it scrutinizes how the reconstruction strategy is leading to a spatial and social mismatch and is increasing negative spillovers codified through increases in rent prices, gentrification, and displacement.


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