A critical edition of La Chevalerie d'Ogier de Danemarche

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Gwin, Anne Elizabeth

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This dissertation is a critical edition of La Chevalerie d’Ogier de Danemarche, a chanson de geste of the early thirteenth century. The Chevalerie survives in five manuscripts, which may be divided into two families. I chose to edit the older version, which is contained in three manuscripts. Ogier the Dane makes his first appearance in the Chanson de Roland in the eleventh century, later becoming one of Charlemagne’s twelve peers, and he is mentioned in many other Old French epics. His frequent appearances in medieval literature make La Chevalerie d’Ogier de Danemarche an excellent candidate for study. However, literary criticism requires a trustworthy edition from which to work. The two previous editions of the Chevalerie are unsuited to the demands of modern scholarship. The first, that of Joseph Barrois (1842) mixes two manuscripts almost indiscriminately, with no attempt at ordering variants; in v addition, Barrois was unaware of the third manuscript in this family. The second edition, that of Mario Eusebi (1963), includes only a few variants, and ignores the many interpolations found in the manuscript tradition. Furthermore, Eusebi does not include a glossary, nor do his textual notes elucidate many of the more difficult passages of this text. I therefore chose to reedit this important text, including all interpolations and significant variants, with textual notes focusing on cultural and linguistic discoveries of the last forty years. I include a glossary with unusual or idiosyncratic forms of common words, as well as a list of proper names and a list of proverbs and sententious sayings used in the text.



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