The Characteristics and Applications of Ceramic Laser Fusion and Ceramic Laser Sintering

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Tang, H. H.
Yen, H. c.
Chiu, M. L.
Jou, J. H.

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The aim of present study is to investigate the possible application of the ceramic parts which are fabricated with the process of Ceramic Laser Fusion or Ceramic Laser Sintering. The experimental results reveal: (1) CLF can lead to a reduction in the porosity of the ceramic part but also can induce micro-cracks. Therefore, this process cannot produce a part with the required strength by a post-process of infiltration; (2) CLS is capable of fabricating a ceramic part with high porosity. By adjusting the slurry formulation and varying the scanning energy, the open porosity can be over 90vol% of the total porosity. After a post-process of infiltration, the density can be increased to 95%; therefore, CLS can apply to produce a part with high strength. Because the high open porosity leads to a good permeability, the process of CLS is suitable for the fabrication of ceramic shell mold.


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