Workforce Data Quality Initiative Research Brief 1




King, Christopher T.
Smith, Tara Carter

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Ray Marshall Center


Texas’ Workforce Data Quality Initiative aims to develop a comprehensive system for analysis of workforce and education participation and outcomes. In partnership with the Texas Workforce Commission, the Ray Marshall Center (RMC) is working to build, test, improve and expand data linkages across linked individual-level, longitudinal education and workforce records.

Through this project, researchers will be able to identify and assess postsecondary pathways and transitions between education, employment and other outcomes for students exiting the public school system as well as analyze the performance of the human capital development system in Texas, spanning secondary education through postsecondary education and workforce training and employment. Additional data sources that will be linked into workforce and education records include corrections, Vital Statistics and federal and military employment from the Federal Employment Data Exchange System (FEDES). The project will also identify barriers to linking these data systems and present possible options for addressing these barriers.

Outcomes and data from the Workforce Data Quality Initiative will be used to enhance program improvement, performance management, and research. This will provide researchers and local ISD administrators, as well as state and local policy makers with information that could ultimately be used to improve young adult connections with the workforce system and help students and parents identify career pathways to high-wage employment.


Workforce Data Quality Initiative Research Brief 1

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Christopher T. King and Tara Smith, “Workforce Data Quality Initiative Research Brief 1,” Austin: Ray Marshall Center for the Study of Human Resources, Lyndon B. Johnson School of Public Affairs, University of Texas at Austin, Winter 2013, 4pp.