Displacement-based seismic design and tools for reinforced masonry shear-wall structures




Ahmadi Koutalan, Farhad

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The research described here is part of a multi-university project on “Performance-based Seismic Design Methods and Tools for Reinforced Masonry Shear-Wall Structures.” Within the context of that project, the objective of the research described in this dissertation was to develop and validate a specific displacement-based seismic design methodology for masonry structures. Experimental work consisted of reversed cyclic loading tests of reinforced masonry wall segments with different boundary conditions, aspect ratios, axial loads, and reinforcement detailing. Analytical work consisted of developing analytical models for in-plane concrete masonry shear wall segments; calibrating those models using reversed cyclic test data; and using those models to successfully predict the nonlinear seismic response of two full-scale, multi-story reinforced masonry specimens tested on the shake-table at the University of California at San Diego. Design work consisted of the force-based and displacement based design of those specimens. Based on the results, provisions for displacement-based seismic design are proposed for inclusion in United States design codes.



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