Texas Undergraduate Law Review Journal at The University of Texas at Austin, Volume VI, Issue I

University of Texas at Austin
Hargis, Tesa
Higgs, Samuel
Neely, Scarlett
Ashraf, Naqibah
Meece, Brendan
Patel, Akshar
Popov, Galia
Yin, Jessie
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Table of Contents: Genocide: Defining and Understanding Protected Groups / by Tesa Hargis (p. 6) -- Serving Time for Doing Drugs / by Samuel Higgs (p. 26) -- The War on Liberties: The United States Government's Failure to Adhere to Basic Rights in the Bill of Rights and its Values During the War on Terror / by Scarlett Neely (p. 47) -- A Case for Abolishing Life Without Parole in the United States for Offenders of Small and Nonviolent Drug and Property Crimes / by Naqibah Ashraf (p. 57) -- The Tenth Amendment in the 21st Century / by Brendan Meece (p. 64) -- The FCPA: To Reform or to Not Reform / by Akshar Patel (p. 75) -- The Role of International Law in Protecting Bulgaria's Roma Minority / by Galia Popov (p. 86) -- Legally Blind (to U.S. Drone Strikes) / by Jessie Yin (p. 93)