Integration of fluids and reagents into self-contained cartridges containing sensor elements and reagent delivery systems

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Dean P. Neikirk
Jason B. Shear
John T. McDevitt
Eric V. Anslyn
Karri L. Ballard
Nick J. Christodoulides
Pierre N. Floriano

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United States Patent and Trademark Office


Described herein is an analyte detection device and method related to a portable instrument suitable for point-of-care analyses. In some embodiments, a portable instrument may include a disposable cartridge, an optical detector, a sample collection device and/or sample reservoir, reagent delivery systems, fluid delivery systems, one or more channels, and/or waste reservoirs. Use of a portable instrument may reduce the hazard to an operator by reducing an operator's contact with a sample for analysis. The device is capable of obtaining diagnostic information using cellular- and/or particle-based analyses and may be used in conjunction with membrane- and/or particle-based analysis cartridges. Analytes, including proteins and cells and/or microbes may be detected using the membrane and/or particle based analysis system.



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