Anonymity in Bitcoin and Bitmessage




Krawisz, Daniel Gregory

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This report describes two projects created by the author which are based on ideas which originate from the Bitcoin community. The first, bmd, is a re-implementation of the Bitmessage protocol in go. Bitmessage is an anonymous and secure messaging system invented by Jonathan Warren, who was inspired by the design of Bitcoin's p2p network. [WARR1] The second is Shufflepuff, an implementation of a protocol called CoinShuffle[RUFF1] which allows several people to construct a Bitcoin transaction with an input and an output for each participant without any participant knowing who owns which output. CoinShuffle was invented by Tim Ruffing et al, and it is an upgrade of a protocol called CoinJoin, invented by Gregory Maxwell. This paper discusses the background, properties, applications, and design of bmd and Shufflepuff. There is also a report of a performance analysis on bmd.


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