Rapid Manufacturing Research Group

Hague, Richard
Dickens, Phill
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Rapid Product Development and manufacture is a major focus for companies wanting to compete in the more open Global Marketplace. This has created considerable interest in techniques and technologies that help companies introduce new products more quickly, at lower cost and with greater flexibility. Computer Aided Design (CAD) and the introduction, in the late 1980s, of a group of technologies known as 'Rapid Prototyping' have greatly helped this. It is now possible to design and manufacture objects within a few hours. The next stage is to use these layermanufacturing technologies to manufacture saleable end-use items. However, few companies have invested in the technology, but many are very interested in investigating their use. The research portfolio of the RMRG is directed at providing the future technologies industry will require, and, through the Consortium, is providing a route that allows partners, and others, to gain the required knowledge and expertise concerning the technologies and their use.