The smartphone as a data collection device




Scaffidi, Salvatore Gregory, III

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The introduction of mobile devices to the pockets and handbags of people living all over the world has made the practice of mobile computing nearly ubiquitous in modern society. iSeeMe is an Android application that empowers the user through the revelation of the vast amount of private data that mobile devices are capable of silently capturing in the background. iSeeMe strives to provide the user with a means to correlate this passively-collected information with data of personal importance to the user. This report looks into the development and implementation of the iSeeMe solution. It discusses design decisions, describes the iSeeMe architecture, and outlines the process of engineering the application. It also examines the role of personal data in modern society and explores the mobile application market to see where iSeeMe will fit in among similar applications. Finally, it analyzes the results of the development effort and identifies areas for future enhancement.



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