Effective Thermal Conductivities of Unit-Lattice Structures for Multi-Functional Components

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Cook, D.
Newbauer, S.
Pettis, D.
Knier, B.
Kumpaty, S.

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University of Texas at Austin


Approaching the goal of automatically generating optimized multi-functional components, previously-identified unit-lattice structures are being characterized for their geometry-dependent, effective, thermal conductivities. This knowledge base will allow for the definition of low-mass, load-bearing, thermal-management structures. One application is a wearable power source for a custom, portable, active orthosis. The function of this structure is to bear mechanical load while dissipating heat from the source, without burning the wearer. Additive manufacturing affords the capability of fabricating the resultant complex structures. Current research efforts are using finite-element analysis and physical testing to validate the characteristic models, and determining the scale dependence of internal-convective-flow development. Future work will include composites.


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