Descriptions of Some Fossil Vertebrates Found in Texas




Hay, O.P.

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University of Texas at Austin




In the following paper the writer describes various species of Vertebrata, nearly all of which he had the opportunity to see in Texas, in December, 1914. Some of these were examined at Baylor University, at Waco; some at College Station, in the collection of Dr. Mark Francis; and others at the State University, at Austin. Many of the specimens were afterwards sent to the writer at Washington where they could be studied with more care. For the use of these materials the writer is especially indebted to Dr. John K. Strecker, of Baylor University, Dr.Mark Francis, of the Agricultural College, and Prof. F. L. Whitney, of the State University. The greater number of the species described here belong to the Pleistocene; but the pycnodont fishes were derived from the Lower Cretaceous deposits of Texas.

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