Quantifying the reliability and resiliency benefits of distributed energy resources in Adjuntas, Puerto Rico

Matos, Christopher Andrés
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This paper quantifies distributed energy resources (DERs) reliability and resiliency benefits in Adjuntas, Puerto Rico. Adjuntas is a rural area that is electrically radial to Puerto Rico’s bulk electric system. Customers in the region experience regularly experience prolonged power outages due to aging infrastructure and a lack of transmission redundancy. This study quantifies the value of reliability and resiliency benefits by using proxy data to create a monetary value of lost load. It then employs the National Renewable Energy Lab’s REOPT Lite model to develop a financially and operationally optimal DER system given a specified outage and critical load factor. The reliability and resiliency benefits were quantified by multiplying the load served during an outage by the value of lost load. The results suggest that DERs provide significant reliability to Adjuntas and effectively provide power during reliability and resiliency outages