Cross-strait colonialism : Marxism and the construction of Taiwanese nationalism

Burger, Jacob Theodore
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This thesis explores the history of the Taiwanese independence movement, particularly focusing upon the relationship between the creation of a Taiwanese nationalism and the communist movement. This is accomplished via examining the earliest historiographic writing centered on Taiwan and comparing it with the dominant views of Taiwan in Chinese Nationalist Party (KMT) and Chinese Communist Party (CCP) historiography, which demonstrates how the original Taiwanese nationalism was derived from a Marxist historical narrative. The history of this socialist nationalism is then deployed as a foil to critique both KMT and CCP narratives of Taiwan and its place in China’s history. The history of the Taiwanese Communist Party is explored in depth, particularly its relationship with the independence movement, the CCP, and the Japanese Communist Party. The communist origin of Taiwanese nationalism destabilizes the dominant discourse of “One China,” and illustrates how nationalism is sometimes, paradoxically, the only thing that can resist other more oppressive nationalisms.