Title 25 Policy Review: Windowless Housing in West Campus



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This paper examines the issue of windowless housing in student apartments within West Campus at the University of Texas at Austin. The rise of windowless units is linked to a 2004 zoning change under Title 25 that aimed to promote a high-density, "compact city" development model. While this approach facilitated growth, it resulted in sacrificing the well-being of students who now occupy these windowless units.

The paper analyzes the policy implications of the Windowless Housing Initiative, a student-led movement advocating for natural light access in all bedrooms of newly constructed buildings. The analysis explores the initiative's potential to improve living conditions, its economic feasibility, and how it might impact various stakeholders, including students, builders, and city officials. The paper concludes by recommending specific amendments to Title 25 that could establish humane habitability standards and prioritize the well-being of Austin's residents.



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