Injury and recovery rates of the aging athlete




Lewkowski, Piotr

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The precise rates of injury and recovery of the Masters athlete are not yet well known. Considering that older athletes are participating at greater rates now than ever before, and that these athletes are routinely setting age-specific records, there is greater incentive to illustrate the responses related to exercise and competition as it pertains to injury and recovery. The majority of the literature focuses on younger athletes, which may be due to the amount of attention this group of individual’s commands because of their physical capabilities and performance figures, but also due to their greater incidence of acute injury such as catastrophic failure of ligaments in the knee. This literature review therefore aims to elucidate some of the factors that may contribute to an older athletes seemingly different propensity for overuse injuries, as well as uncovering the precise rates of acute and chronic injury that the Masters athlete suffers.


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