The development and present status of the social studies in Texas high schools




Young, Morgan Martin, 1903-

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Those subjects that have long been in the school curriculum follow a traditional pattern, and there is little variation in their status from year to year. This is not true of the social studies. The rapid changes that are taking place in our social and economic life are reflected in the schools. Because of these changing conditions, the responsibilities of the social studies are increased. The challenge to the social-studies teachers, and others concerned, is a changing curriculum to meet the needs of the day. Texas schools are located in a great agricultural and growing industrial region. Social and economic problems are emerging from conditions existing among minority groups. The opportunities for the social studies are almost unlimited. Yet, little concerted effort has been made among social-studies people of Texas to unify the courses and devise a curriculum to satisfy the immediate and probable future needs of the individual. The latest bulletin from the State Department of Education on the teaching of social studies was issued more than ten years ago. Children transferring from one Texas school to another often must drop social studies because it is not offered in their grade in the school to which they have transferred. In another instance they may be required to take an entirely different social studies course when making a transfer. It is felt that the confusion existing in the social studies and the urgent needs in our own state justify a study of the development and present status of the social studies in Texas high schools. The findings of this study should aid Texas administrators and social studies teachers in planning the future program for the social studies in Texas high schools