Variables Impacting Feature Definition of Polyimide Using Syringe Based Printing

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Whetten, S.R.
Lavin, J.M.
Keicher, D.M.
Appelhans, L.N.
Essien, M.
Mani, S.S.
Moore, P.B.
Cook, A.
Acree, N.A.
Young, N.P.

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University of Texas at Austin


Direct write printing approaches provide an opportunity for additive manufacturing (AM) to impact the electronics industry through cost effective prototyping and manufacturing. Direct write printing of electronics also provides the opportunity for the electronics industry to be impacted by such things as new material research, fewer steps in processing, along with application specific packaging and component configuration. This paper illustrates how process variables affect the feature definition of polyimide film production via syringe deposition printing. This work compares the films as the process variables change, and describes which variables make the greatest impact on feature definition.


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