A Checklist and Bibliography of the Iapygoidea (Insecta: Diplura) of South America




Reddell, James R.

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Texas Memorial Museum, The University of Texas at Austin


Complete records, synonymies, and bibliographic citations are given for the 61 species and seven varieties of iapygoid diplurans described from South America. Also included are all published records for species determined only to the generic level. The South American fauna includes representatives of the families lapygidae, Dinjapygidae, and Parajapygidae. The original spellings of the genus Iapyx and the family-group name Iapygidae are used in preference to Japyx and Japygidae to comply with the Rule of Priority. Typhlolabia Scudder is resurrected to include the following species previously included in Teljapyx Silvestri: T. bidentatus (Schaffer), T. costala (Gonzalez and Smith), T. hirsuta (Gonzalez and Smith), T. larva (Philippi) (type-species), T. megalocera (Silvestri), T. profunda (Smith), T. riestrae (Silvestri), and T. talcae (Smith).


Contents: Abstract -- Abbreviations -- Acknowledgments -- Introduction -- Annotated List of Species -- Locality List -- Bibiliography

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