Tool Path Generation for Hybrid Additive Manufacturing

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Leite, M.
Cunha, J.
Sardinha, M.
Soares, B.
Reis, L.
Ribeiro, A.R.

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University of Texas at Austin


This paper presents a new approach to tool path generation for a hybrid additive-subtractive manufacturing apparatus. The goal is the development of an integrated hybrid process, based on additive and subtractive manufacturing, to produce complex geometries with continuous fiber reinforced thermoplastics. The authors propose a novel system that can handle two heads: a filament deposition head and a milling head. The system allows for additive, subtractive, additive followed by subtractive and additive and subtractive at each layer. Due to the use of continuous fiber reinforced thermoplastics the tool path trajectories will be different depending on part geometry to accrue mechanical properties. To evaluate the proposed strategies, one example with different features is provided on how to take an .stl file with a final geometry and generate the necessary adjustments to enable the subtractive process.


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