Therapy for the male-to-female transgender client : a clinician's guide




Haun, Lindsey Lee

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Male-to-female transgender clients seek therapy to learn to safely modify their voices in order to sound more feminine. Unfortunately, to this author’s knowledge, there are no data that report the number of transgender individuals who are actively seeking speech therapy, nor any accurate estimate of the number of transgender individuals in the United States. Moreover, current resources for speech-language pathologists (SLPs) lack up-to-date, comprehensive information about assessing and treating transgender clients. The present handbook will provide the most recent research related to appropriate therapeutic guidelines and activities to SLPs and SLP graduate students. In specific, the handbook will include research and techniques for modifying pitch, resonance, intonation, semantics, and nonverbal communication for transgender women. Moreover, the handbook will include background information about the current issues transgender women face in society and in seeking medical treatment.



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