Developing development : fostering culturally relevant player development in basketball culture through adaptable pedagogy and responsive teaching



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My thesis highlights the limited attention given to culturally relevant pedagogy and culturally responsive teaching in basketball player development. Culture impacts behavior and attitudes toward learning and success. By addressing this oversight in literature, we can integrate essential cultural elements into the overall development of basketball players. Five crucial categories emerge in the literature on basketball player development: the linear trajectory of development, the transactional nature of development, the critical traits of successful development, the pivotal role of the teacher/coach, and the need to further develop development. Although I gained valuable insights from the literature regarding theories, methodologies, questions, concerns, and results related to basketball player development, I found that guidance on incorporating culturally responsive teaching and culturally relevant pedagogy needs to be improved. By better understanding and implementing these elements, we can positively impact basketball culture and bring out the best in all participants.


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