Ouachita facies in central Texas

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Barnes, Virgil E. (Virgil Everett), 1903-1998

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University of Texas at Austin. Bureau of Economic Geology


Steeply dipping shales and interbedded sandstones presumably of the Ouachita facies have been discovered along the Colorado River in Burnet and Travis counties, Texas. Previously the Ouachita facies was known in Texas only from bore-hole samples. The outcropping rocks are not metamorphosed, whereas many of the borehole samples described in the literature are metamorphosed. A re-examination shows that the bore-hole samples nearest the outcrop lack metamorphism, except for slight changes along slickensides, whereas away from the outcrop the rocks are progressively more metamorphosed, until in Caldwell County, the farthest point reached, the rocks are schist. Lithologies and grade of metamorphism suggest that the Caldwell County bore holes enter the Ouachita facies rather than rocks of pre-Cambrian age.


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