A Thermal Model For Laminated Object Manufacturing (LOM)

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Flach, Lawrance
Klostennan, Donald A.
Chartoff, Richard P.

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A thennal model for Laminated Object Manufacturing (LOM) has been developed. The model is based on 3-dimensional transient heat conduction in a rectangular geometry LOM part. Heat transfer from the heated roller to the laminated part as well as heat loss to the surroundings and the base plate are considered. It allows calculation of the transient temperature distribution within the part during the application of a new layer as well as during other periods of the LOM build cycle. To verify the model performance, thennocouples were embedded every 4th layer in a 20-layer ceramic part while it was being built on a standard LOM-2030. The model predictions are in excellent agreement with the measured temperature profiles. In addition to explaining the observed thennal behavior ofLOM parts, model predictions also have direct application to on-line control ofthe part temperature during the build process, to be discussed herein.


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