Gender & Class in the Mexican Revolution




Ferrante, Lia
Fisher, Augustino
Fisher, Jackson

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Students will learn about the Mexican Revolution, specifically about the role class and gender played during this time period, through a four-day unit consisting of three lessons and a final day summative activity. The unit will begin with a broad overview of the major historical events, people, and locations that define this period of Mexican history. The second lesson will focus on prescribed gender roles (combatants, mothers, community leaders, and military support) and stereotypes of women in Mexican society, and what women were doing during the Mexican Revolution to challenge these. The third and final lesson of the unit will explore the role of socioeconomic class as an additional perspective in which we can view how women behaved and participated in the Mexican Revolution. The unit will end with a summative assessment in which students will work in groups to create their own “penny press” publication that includes short articles and visual depictions of the major issues discussed in the unit.


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