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Center for Open Educational Resources and Language Learning


Deutsch im Blick ( a web-based German program developed at the University of Texas, and its companion site, Grimm Grammar ( are free open educational multimedia resources (OER), which require neither password nor fees. Deutsch im Blick includes 307 videos (American students in Germany, native German interviews, vocabulary and culture presentation videos) recorded vocabulary lists, phonetic lessons, online grammar lessons (600 pages) with self-correcting exercises and audio dialogues, online grammar tools, and diagnostic grammar tests.

Deutsch im Blick is an online, non-traditional language learning program for beginning and early intermediate students of German. It is quite different from your traditional language textbooks, so it might take some getting used to. However, you’ll enjoy learning German as long as you like to play with language, explore how vocabulary and grammar work together to create meaning, and are curious about the cultures of the German-speaking countries. The main premise of Deutsch im Blick is that learning a foreign language should focus on learning language in use. Thus, all activities are guided by real-life, plausible language situations: How would native and non-native speakers use the vocabulary, grammar and sociolinguistic rules in everyday contexts to make sense of what others tell them and to make meaning themselves?


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