New market entry for charter management organizations : building a strategic framework for successful growth




Bauserman, Alexis Chandler

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The following report is an investigation of growth strategies for charter management organizations. The report begins with an overview of the School Choice Movement and its introduction of market forces into the public education system. Drawing from the private, nonprofit and education sectors, the report introduces three existing frameworks for organizational growth and new market entry. The report evaluates the robustness of each of these frameworks as well as their applicability to charter school expansion through the lens of a case-study investigation of IDEA Public Schools’ expansion from the Rio Grande Valley to the Austin, Texas education market. The report concludes by introducing a new, cross-sector framework for charter expansion that brings together the strengths of existing models as well as the lessons learned from the IDEA case. The framework consists of four phases: pre-expansion, geographic market selection, growth mechanism selection and implementation.



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