Experimental investigation of the performance of a fully cooled gas turbine vane with and without mainstream flow and experimental analysis supporting the redesign of a wind tunnel test section

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Mosberg, Noah Avram

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This study focused on experimentally determining the cooling performance of a fully cooled, scaled-up model of a C3X turbine vane. The primary objective was to determine the differences in overall effectiveness in the presence and absence of a hot mainstream flowing over the vane. Overall effectiveness was measured using a thermally scaled matched Biot number vane with an impingement plate providing the internal cooling. This is the first study focused on investigating the effect of removing the mainstream flow and comparing the contour and laterally-averaged effectiveness data in support of the development of an assembly line thermal testing method. It was found that the proposed method of factory floor testing of turbine component cooling performance did not provide comparable information to traditional overall effectiveness test methods. A second experiment was performed in which the effect of altering the angle of attack of a flow into a passive turbulence generator was investigated. Measurements in the approach flow were taken using a single wire hot-wire anemometer. This study was the first to investigate the effects such a setup would have on fluctuating flow quantitates such as turbulence intensity and integral length scale rather than simply the mean quantities. It was found that both the downstream turbulence intensity and the turbulence integral length scale increase monotonically with approach flow incidence angle at a specified distance downstream of the turbulence generator.



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