South Asia Institute Newsletter, Fall 2021

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In this Issue: Letter from the Director - HUF Alumnus Helps Nepal Fight COVID-19 - Remembering John Bordie - Faculty, Student & Alumni News - Student Awards - New Faculty: Nabanjan Maitra - India China Border Crises - Partition Songs Project - In Memoriam: Fredrick Asher - Fall Seminar Series: Perspectives on the Study of South Asia - Spring Seminar Series: Re-examining 'Life, Death and Value' - South Asian Stories, Not Statistics - Plurality in Governmentality: A Re-investigation - 50 Years of Bangladesh: 'Is it Enough Just to Remember?' - Developing New South Asian Language Materials for Texas - Diversity, Equity and Inclusion in the Language Curriculum - South Asian Languages in the Diaspora - Library News: Sajjad Zaheer Archive - COVER STORY: South Asia Garden at UT - Global Pandemics: A Reckoning - Texas Global: Spotlight on South Asia - ATX+PAK: Connecting Texas and Pakistan - Conjuring South Asia in a TX Classroom - Book Review: Laxmi's Mooch - The Future of Work

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