Administrative aspects of discipline in the Texas public schools




Ransom, Crisler Brian, 1904-

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The specific purpose of this investigation is to determine the nature of existing concepts, trends, practices, and beliefs relative to discipline as they concern administrators of this state. It involves a recapitulation of the historical background of educational thought and practice with respect to problems of child behavior, a review of related studies in the field, and the gathering of information from teachers, principals, and superintendents about the various aspects of the subject under consideration. From an analysis of the data obtained by methods which are described later, it is hoped that some definite conclusions can be reached which will be of value to the teaching profession, generally. The term "concept" as used herein applies to the disciplinary philosophy held by Texas educators and is given considerable emphasis as being a factor of major significance. By "trends" are meant well-defined movements within the field of public school discipline which have been discernible during the period covered by the teaching or administrative experience of participants in the study. The "practices" set up for investigation are limited to certain procedures which are thought to be of primary interest and importance, although it is recognized that they are by no means all-inclusive in this respect. Among the "beliefs" upon which attention is centered are various opinions of teachers, principals, and superintendents based largely upon observation and experience rather than objective data