Ion implant virtual metrology for process monitoring

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Fowler, Courtney Marie

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This thesis presents the modeling of tool data produced during ion implantation for the prediction of wafer sheet resistance. In this work, we will use various statistical techniques to address challenges due to the nature of equipment data: high dimensionality, colinearity, parameter interactions, and non-linearities. The emphasis will be data integrity, variable selection, and model building methods. Different variable selection and modeling techniques will be evaluated using an industrial data set. Ion implant processes are fast and depending on the monitoring frequency of the equipment, late detection of a process shift could lead to the loss of a significant amount of product. The main objective of the research presented in this thesis is to identify any ion implant parameters that can be used to formulate a virtual metrology model. The virtual metrology model would then be used for process monitoring to ensure stable processing conditions and consequent yield guarantees.



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