Case study of a college ESL program

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Stroman, Jamileh Sandra Dianne, 1951-

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An example of one English as a Second Language program in higher education was examined within the context of its academic setting of the district and the college. Information on the fourteen year period from the beginning of the program in 1986 through the end of the century was gathered using document analysis, observations and interviews. Brief discussions of theories framing the program, of the general organization of the program, and of program effectiveness accompanied histories of personnel and enrollment. Supplemental influences such as the ongoing staff development of full-time faculty, the International Center as the point of entry for students, and the Michigan Test as the placement instrument into the program were also considered. The selected ESL program was also examined in detail. Theoretical perspectives for each of four main skill areas—Writing, Grammar, Reading, and Listening/Speaking—introduced three sections, which included descriptions of the district objectives for each course. Resources such as textbooks, were described in detail, as was the training of adjunct instructors. Of particular interest were interviews of the lead instructors, who managed the skill areas.


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