Determining Permeability Anisotropy From a Core Plug Using a Minipermeameter




Young, Gordon Robert

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The steady-state continuity equation for a real gas is solved using finitedifferences with the boundary conditions for a minipermeameter having an elliptical or circular injection tip seal. The resulting pseudo-potential distribution for the cylindrical domain of a core plug sample is obtained for various permeability ratios. Geometric factors are then calculated by numerically integrating the mass fluxes at the inlet surface inside the injection tip seal. Using a generalized form of Darcy's law, the geometric factors, and data from minipermeameter measurements, estimates of the permeability ratio of four core plug samples are obtained using the geometric factor ratio approach assuming planar isotropy. Finally, quantitative estimates of kx and ky are calculated based on an elliptical and four circular tip seals.


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