Sharir Dance Company presents The Second Annual Texas New Dance Festival (Company Pieces): Mezzaluna; April 28-29, 1989




Sharir, Yacov
Sollod, T. Ellen
Bustamante, Jose Luis
Marsh, Tina
Sharir Dance Company

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Performance of Mezzaluna: "Charles, Mezzaluna, and the Imaginary Woman" and "Phases" at the Capitol City Playhouse, Austin, TX.


This is the world premiere of "Mezzaluna," a multi-disciplinary collaboration by writer/visual artist T. Ellen Sollod, choreographers Yacov Sharir and Jose Luis Bustamante, and composer/vocalist Tina Marsh. This program is made possible in part by the Texas Composers Forum. Archive Copy, 2nd gen VHS; Original at Trav Sys; Performances of 4/28 & 4/29 edited together. Lead collaborators: T. Ellen Sollod (writer, visual artist); Yacov Sharir (choreographer - Charles, Mezzaluna and the Imaginary Woman); Jose Luis Bustamante (choreographer - Phases); Tina Marsh (vocalist, composer). Dance company: Sharir Dance Company and guest artists - Farrell Dyde Dance Theatre, Heywood "Woody" McGriff, Diana Prechter, Tina Marsh. Writer and visual artist: T. Ellen Sollod. Dancers: Charles Santos, Kate F. Warren, Andrea Beckham, (Charles, Mezzaluna and the Imaginary Woman); Andrea Beckham, Jose Luis Bustamante, Jennifer Denham, Lynne Grossman, Stephen M. Marcello, Marta Matthews (Phases). Understudies: Debbie Ylinen (Charles, Mezzaluna and the Imaginary Woman); Marcia Dick, Jacqueline Fawn (Phases). Lighting: Amarante L. Lucero. Recorded Music: George Rochberg (Charles, Mezzaluna and the Imaginary Woman); John Lurie, Arvo Part (Phases) . Vocal music composed and performed by: Tina Marsh.


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