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Zayour, Mike

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There’s a lot more to managing than understanding the technology. Not knowing where to put the semicolons in a line of code isn’t a big deal. Knowing how to lead people, now that’s a big deal. We don’t have to become a super geek to succeed in an engineering organization. We do need to bring our own unique talents and skills to the table and continue to add to the value we bring. Whatever our personal strengths are, they will serve us well in our role. It’s up to us to figure out how. There are many practices, such as management and Lead courses that help managing people. Technical managers focus on numbers and codes, sometimes they don’t care about the relationship between them and their team, on the other hand, Non Technical managers do slightly the opposite. This paper will focus, however, on the advantage and difficulties of technical and non technical managers who manage engineers and will also talk about the steps of success and recommendations.



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