Long-Term Student Experiences in a Hybrid, Open-Ended and Problem Based Adventure Learning Program

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Veletsianos, George
Doering, Aaron

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In this paper we investigate the experiences of elementary school children over a two-year period during which they engaged with a hybrid Adventure Learning program. In addition to delineating Adventure Learning experiences, we report on educational technology implementations in ecologically valid and complex environments, while drawing inferences on the design of sustainable and successful innovations. Our research indicates that the Adventure Learning experience over the two-year period was dynamic, participatory, engaging, collaborative, and social. Students eagerly became part of the experience both inside and outside of the classroom, and it quickly became apparent that they saw themselves as valued members of the unfolding storyline that mediated their learning. Our recommendations for future research and practice include a call to evaluate "authenticity," focus on the learner experience and narrative, and consider the interplay between pedagogy, technology, and design.


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Veletsianos, George, and Aaron Doering. "Long-term student experiences in a hybrid, open-ended and problem based Adventure Learning program." Australasian Journal of Educational Technology, Vol. 26, No. 2 (2010): 280-296.