A review of parent training interventions for children with autism spectrum disorder and proposed guidelines for choosing best practices




Sisavath, Jessica

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The purpose of this project is to critically analyze and review parent training interventions published between the years 2000 to 2013 focused on enhancing social and communicative behaviors in young children between 3 to 10 years old with autism spectrum disorder. All studies involved a form of parent training in combination with an intervention type such as pivotal response training, milieu approach and naturalistic approaches. Overall, each study yielded positive outcomes for children with ASD, but data collection strategies, target goals, and outcome measures were variable. This review included an in-depth analysis of 16 studies of parent intervention programs evaluated based on their goals, methodology, and effectiveness of parent training on the children with ASD’s language skills. The review will present a set of guidelines for parents and professionals to use when deciding on the most effective and efficient parent training therapy for families who have children with ASD. Critically evaluating the available empirical research can help parents, therapists, and researchers more effectively consider viable options for parent training programs tailored to support the needs of children with ASD. Tables will summarize the findings to make the information more accessible. Implications for future research will follow the literature review.



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