Subsurface Jurassic and Cretaceous Gas Shale Samples Haynesville and Bossier Formations and Eagleford Group Core Sampling for Meausred Vitrinite Reflectance Determination

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This report summarizes activities carried out by the Bureau of Economic Geology (BEG) during Fiscal Year (FY) 2008 for the National Coal Resources Data System State Cooperative Program (NCRDS project). In a continuation of the procedure initiated last fiscal year (Hentz and others, 2008), this report provides a collection of gas-shale samples from shale-rich formations of Texas and Louisiana that are currently experiencing significant natural gas production or are being closely studied for gas production potential (Cardott, 2008; Durham, 2008; Hammes and Carr, 2009). Gas-shale samples of the Upper Jurassic (Kimmeridgian and Tithonian) Haynesville and Bossier Formations were collected from whole cores of three wells in Sabine, San Augustine, and Harrison Counties, far east Texas, and of one well in nearby Sabine County, Louisiana (Fig. 1). We also provide samples from the Upper Cretaceous (Turonian) Eagle Ford Group shales of six wells in Bee, Wilson, Frio, Zavala, and LaSalle Counties, south Texas, and of one well in Ellis County, north Texas (Fig. 1). These samples are provided for vitrinite-reflectance (Ro) analysis by the USGS. Each sampled shale's precise geographic location is identified using GIS applications.


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