Defining GeoDesign and the emergent role of the sustainable sites initiative (SITES) for integrative project management




Risinger, Emily Diane

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This report is a discussion of the multifarious applications of the modern day geographic information system and how the universal merit of the technology across disciplines has led to the emergence of GeoDesign. The purpose of this Master’s Professional Report was to retrace the core conceptual framework and landmark events occurring in the evolution GIS technology, and how these factors have led to recent creation of new performance based rating systems and evidence-based design techniques. The Sustainable Sites Initiative (SITES), a new performance based rating system that has emerged in response to the call for increased knowledge and best practices lacking in LEED, is discussed; along with integrated project management. This professional report was intended to be an exploratory discussion of the larger theoretical implications fueling the shift towards mandating greater standards for sustainable design. It offers some ideas for how we should continue evolving GeoDesign moving into the next century; and outlines the importance of all new rating systems needing to acknowledge the growing importance of GeoDesign and ever advancing imagery technologies in understanding complex system processes in the future.



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